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/ Klaus Fekesa

Making of Darbo Fruchtikus Commercial

Darbo has embodied a passion for processing fruit into exquisite products such as jams and syrups since it was founded over 130 years ago. This passion has also been the source for outstanding creative approaches of distinctive style.

The campaign´s core is to show the additional usage possibilities of Darbo´s Fruchtikus for creating delicious food compositions. The Darbo cook book opens the doors to ultimate indulgence.

As the campaign´s idea was to reveal the secrets concealed in the recipe book, we decided to stage the whole story with the means of a pop up book in a playful stop motion style.
All the collage-scenes were created digitally allowing a high degree of flexibility in defining the environment and assets. Our backgrounds for instance were shot at the fantastic Südbahnhotel/Semmering that defined the overall look of the scenes. Then we added hand-crafted pieces like a rocking unicorn, a snow globe with a golden strawberry or a puppet vanity table. We shot baby orange trees and various plants to complete the opulent scenes.
The actors were shot in a green screen studio and integrated into the scenes afterwards.
Our 3D department took care of the pop up effects by providing every asset and person with an own 3D layer. This made it possible to simulate proper folding movements while flipping the pages. For the last shot we tracked our CG scene on the filmed book to emphasise the whole story was taking place in the magic recipe book.
The whole production process was passionately accompanied by director and DOP Susanne Stemmer who put her mark on the look and who´s remarkable feeling for details made the difference.
With Angelika Königseder we had the right person for finding the appropriate dresses, Birgit Fuchs took care of our actor´s makeup and hair and Helga Göllner provided her skills for set architecture. Jakob Bretterbauer contributed sophisticated recipe ideas and baked a delicious cake for the shoot.


AGENCY Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
DIRECTOR/DOP Susanne Stemmer
PRODUCTION Friendly Fire
SONG Coin operated boy/Dresden Dolls
PRINCE Milan Tomicek
THE 3 BEAUTIES Hannah Richter, Julia Staber, Nanche Bause
STYLING Angelika Königseder
MAKE UP & HAIR Birgit Fuchs
SETARCHITECTURE Helga Göllner, Bianca Gamser
SETARCHITECTURE DIGITAL Susanne Stemmer, Friendly Fire
FOOD STYLING Jakob Bretterbauer