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04.05.2022 / Klaus Fekesa & Roman Saravia

Digital Twins & Virtual Worlds

Nowadays, every product is digitally designed and engineered. A data model exists for almost every product. Based on this data model, we create the digital twin of the product and thus the basis for a wide range of applications.
From digital product presentations and virtual showrooms to videos and marketing material to interactive training and user experience. Get high fidelity print renderings and digital assets ready to use for animations, videos, VR and streaming solutions.
What makes this possible? Unreal engine. A Realtime gaming engine that achieves hyper realism, perfectly bounced ray-traced lighting, shadows, and post processing options to take your product visuals to the next level. 
This technology also provides the freedom and creativity to design unique virtual worlds for your product. Picturesque landscapes, customized architecture or futuristic settings, everything ist possible. Sky is the limit when it comes to imagination.
Our toolchain provides us with a wide variety of options for marketing, sales, and customer service. Because the same data, materials and logic are used, this workflow guarantees consistent quality and the same look for all media applications. And adjustments to the products for the different markets can be implemented and rolled out to the markets much more quickly and efficiently.

With FF Virtual content solutions we created a time and cost-efficient workflow that opens up many opportunities, generates high-quality tailored output for all channels and is continuously evolving.