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24.08.2022 / Klaus Fekesa & Roman Saravia

Next generation product experience!

With KTM's interactive bike configurator, we have opened up a unique world for customers. In real time, a user can make changes to a bike in a 360° view or in pre-made demo videos. Exhaust systems, bench seats, tires, power parts, and even environments can be selected at will and almost immediately, thus providing an essential basis for the decision to purchase later.
The high degree of interaction is made possible by the latest visualization technology based on game logic. In the past, data transmission was often a downer in terms of performance and display quality; now, however, pixel streaming provides immediate results.
The heart of the configurator is the master data set. All available data is collected here and supplemented so that missing components are included. This "digital twin" can, of course, not only be used for configurators, but also opens up a whole host of other areas of application: AR/VR apps, demo videos, product shots, and repair instructions can support the PR marketing and sales team, ensure impressive appearances at trade shows or at the POS, and accompany internal design and training processes.

The implementation has been deployed successfully in great partnerships with KTM Innovation/Wels, Avocodo/Linz, LXMedia/Wels, Monkeyway/Munich, and Google/California.

Check it out for the first 2 bikes:
KTM 3D configurator
Husqvarna 3D configurator
This is just the beginning!

If you are interested in digitizing your products, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and provide a data analysis as part of a free initial consultation.